Leather Steering Wheel Kit

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Ideal kit for re-colouring leather steering wheels

- Suitable for repairing minor scratches and areas where colour is worn
- Easy to use and apply; all instructions included
Leather steering wheels are exposed to a lot of moisture, grease from skin, cosmetic creams and sunlight. Sweat is especially damaging. The colour softens and rubs off or the leather cracks. Regular cleaning with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner will prevent damage, while applying COLOURLOCK Leather Shield will protect the surface.

This kit includes everything you need to re-colour steering wheels. Small scratches and areas where colour has worn off can be refreshed. It is easy to use and all instructions are included in the kit.


- COLOURLOCK Mild Cleaner 30ml
- COLOURLOCK Cleaning Spirit
- COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh 30ml
- COLOURLOCK Leather Shield 30ml
- COLOURLOCK Sanding Pad, Sponges & Cloth