Leather Cleaning Spirit

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Sirve para limpiar el cuero del sucio grasoso sin dañarlo

It's an oil and fat dissolver for leather and vinyl surfaces. The water based cleaners are good for “normal” dirt but before the use of Leather Fresh, Liquid Leather or Filler Leather Cleaning Spirit should always be used to remove old product residues such as fats, oils, waxes and or silicones. If this is not done, the just named substances prevent adhesion of the repair/color treatment.

Specially after cleaning with Strong Leather Cleaner it’s necessary to degrease with Leather Cleaning Spirit before making repairs with Liquid Leather/Filler or refreshing with Leather Fresh. The Strong Leather Cleaner contains fats and reduces adhesion. Leather Cleaning Spirit is also the first choice as cleaner before the coloration of dry aniline leathers (open pored napa) and nubuk. Leather Cleaning Spirit will usually not attack/dissolve color coats.