GLD Solvent Cleaner, 250ml

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To clean and prepare leather surfaces before repairing them

- Made in Germany
- Strong degreaser and surface stain remover
- Ideal for preparing the surface for professional coloring
- To be used as a pre-treatment for leather coloring only as it dissolves top coat and surface color
COLOURLOCK Solvent Cleaner is a strong degreaser ideal for cleaning pigmented nappa leathers before coloring them. It removes all traces of products previously applied on the surface. It dissolves a tiny amount of color when applied which will be visible on the cloth used to clean. It will also dissolve any existing top coat, and clean difficult stains. This solvent cleaner will ensure the subsequent color coat has excellent adhesion properties. Important - This product is a highly flammable liquid. May cause drowsiness and dizziness. Use with care and follow all safety instructions.