Aniline Leather Care Cream, 250ml

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To care, protect and waterproof Aniline, waxed, oily or pull up leathers on furniture suite, sofas, settee, shoes, jackets, bags and garments

- Made in Germany
- Prevents the brightening of dry cracks and scratches
- Used extensively in the manufacturing of Leather products by furniture manufacturers
- Provides strong protection against all stains and prevents fixation of dirt when used regularly
- Ideal for dull aniline, waxed, oily or pull up leathers

COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream is an intensive protection for all fine-pore, matt and stain-sensitive smooth leather. It can be used on aniline leather, waxed, oily or pull up leather furniture suite, sofas, settee, certain car interiors, jackets, shoes and handbags.

If used regularly, the COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream provides a strong waterproofing effect.When used regularly COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream provides strong protection against all types of stains.

Existing stains are virtually impossible to remove on Aniline leathers. It is therefore extremely important to take necessary prevention steps.

Typical applications include: All kinds of fine pore, dull, smooth porous leathers in the furniture sector. For instance, Aniline leather in the VW Touareg and all porous garment leather.

COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream should be applied only to clean leather. Always test first on a hidden area for any changes. Wet a soft, lint-free cloth slightly with the Aniline Cream and apply on the leather surface evenly, from seam to seam, in a circular motion. Let the Cream draw in (approx. 10 minutes) and repeat.

New aniline leather should be treated at least thrice at the first time in order to prevent discolouration and stains. Warm the surface slightly afterwards with a hair dryer. This way, the protective effect will be enhanced. Strained surfaces should be treated at least every three months.

Always clean the leather first. Not suitable for nubuck or suede! Apply some cream on a soft, lint-free cloth and clean from seam to seam in a circular motion. Never apply directly to the leather! Soak up wetness and dirt immediately with a soft cloth. Test in a hidden area first!