Stainless Steel Spatula / Oil Painting Knife

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Extiende de manera uniforme el cuero líquido Colourlock. Punta larga y flexible. Mango de madera.

- Made in Germany
- High quality with flexible steel blade and unsharpened edges
- Ideal for mixing and spreading paint, colours, paste & fillers
- Wooden handle for superior gripping comfort
- Durable yet light and easy to hold
COLOURLOCK Stainless Steel Spatula is a high quality spatula with a wooden handle and stainless steel blade. Designed primarily to use for leather repair purposes but can also be used to mix all types of paints, colors, pastes and fillers. It can also be used for oil painting on canvas and general spreading work during crafts etc. Length of Stainless steel blade (unsharpened) - 3.15in